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Kindly read the accompanying policies and terms of www.CompareKare.com before utilizing/browsing or surfing the Website or searching any data or material this Website. www.CompareKare.com is possessed by Jesper Retail Kart Pvt. Ltd and by agreeing hereby the written T&C’s of the Website, you are liable to the Terms and conditions and variant. If you don't consent to these T&C or any part thereof, you’re not given access to utilize/peruse/get to comparekare in any capacity at all. You must be of or above 18 years of age (legitimately) to continue with utilizing/perusing/getting to the Website.

Important Terms To Know

  1. “Content” – It includes all data, text, services, offers, UGC, images, generated links, designs, page layouts, graphics, in-fitted audio or video, multimedia and other materials available throughout the webpage.
  2. "Login" – It is a process of registration by accepting the terms and conditions laid by the company and which further enables the user(s) to enjoy access to trustable parts or sections of the website.
  3. "User" – A person who visits, browses, accesses or uses the website in any way whatsoever and through any medium.
  4. "UGC" – It is an abbreviated form of User Generated Content which may include every kind of data or content that any User submits or provides to the Website for a specific or non-specific purpose.

Website Aim

The website is created under Jesper Retail Kart Pvt. Ltd to assist the user to discover and get benefitted from various deals, offers, our services, coupons and costs of different traders/items at the same time. The same does not suggest any sort of support to such vendor sites or items by Jesper Retail Kart Pvt. Ltd.

While submitting on such mentioned coupons, deals, services, attractive discounts, you may be redirected to the merchant’s site page. Catering such arrangements, coupons or unparallel services, we also take sensible safeguards and endeavours to guarantee latest and truly standing/legitimate arrangements, coupons and costs thereto website. Clients should dependably check the merchant's site terms of utilization before accessing or getting to any such arrangements, coupons or costs.

Product Description

www.CompareKare.com endeavours to stay as precise as could reasonably be expected. In any case, the website does not permit that any kind of product depictions or other substance with whatsoever content on the Website is exact, finished, solid, current, or mistake free.

User End Communications

We understand the importance of two-way communication. At the website, guests are given the freedom to post surveys, remarks, photographs, and other substance; send interchanges; and submit recommendations, thoughts, remarks, manifest, or other data, insofar as the substance isn't unlawful, disgusting, debilitating, defamatory, intrusive of security, encroaching of licensed innovation rights, or generally impermissible, harmful to outsiders or offensive and should not comprise of programming infections, political crusading, business sales, networking mass mails, or any type of "spam”. Utilizing a false email address, imitate any individual or element, or generally deceive with regards to the beginning of substance is strictly prohibited. The website saves the right to expel or alter such substance, however, does not consistently audit/edit posted substance.

If in case you post content and unless the company demonstrate else, you concede CompareKare a non-exclusive, eminence free, ceaseless, unavoidable, and completely sublicensable ideal to utilize, replicate, alter, adjust, distribute, decipher, make subordinate works from, convey, and show such substance all throughout the globe by any means/mass media. By agreeing the T&C’s, you are conceding CompareKare and sublicense the privilege to utilize the submitted name regarding your provided data if they wish to. You are completely responsible and control every propriety of the content you have posted and agree on the parts; that the substance is true to your knowledge; that utilization of the data you provided must not breach the company’s policy and won't damage any individual repute or otherwise, the user will reimburse CompareKare for all cases coming about because of substance you supply.

CompareKare possesses the sole authority (however not the commitment) to screen and alter or eliminate any content supplied. CompareKare assumes no liability and accepts no obligation for any substance/content catered/posted/spoken by the user or any other party.

Permission On Website Use

  1. Jesper Retail Kart Pvt. Ltd and its licensors claim all protected innovation and rights related in the webpage (including the content). Without following the authorisations under T&C, all kind of content creation, regardless of whether somewhat or completely, or in any capacity and due to reason at all is denied. With the subject of constrained permit concede below, all protected innovation rights are explicitly reserved.
  2. The user may see or have access to certain elements, download, printing by pages and duplicate subtle elements of offers from comparekare for your personal or non-commercial utilisations/benefits, matter of the confinements appealed under the T&C.

For Which You Need Our Consent & Should Not:

  1. Issue or republish any data (for which he/she will be liable), be it complete or partially on our Website or provide any website’s link to any other website.
  2. Vend or provide sub-license of their content to any of the third party
  3. Represent any kind of content on or from website to the audience
  4. Creating or copying any Content, partial or completely on the Website for unauthorized means or purpose
  5. Modifying the content (partial or complete) by any means on website
  6. Indirectly or directly misuse of any individual creativity or self art property, and right associated with the data available on website
  7. Plagiarism of the content available on the website
  8. Pasting the same content of any other website by any means of social media
  9. Accessing/handling the webpage in a way that may impair its sound development, whether partial or completely
  10. The website is not a space to duplicate, store, transmit, introduce, connect, hyperlink, send, utilize, distribute any other content which directly or indirectly has links with spyware, system infection, Trojan steed, worm, keystroke lumberjack, rootkit or different malignant PC programming or code.
  11. Concur any precise or robotized information accumulation exercises from the website
  12. Utilize the website to send spontaneous business correspondences or unwanted e-mails in any capacity at all
  13. Utilize the webpage for commercial profitable reasons such as marketing, promotions or advertising

Restrictions & Limitations On The Website

  1. Jesper Retail Kart Pvt. Ltd. holds the right and authority to access to specific sections of the webpage.
  2. In case if you are provided with the accessibility with a password and a user ID from Jesper Retail Kart Pvt. Ltd. to empower you to get to limited regions of webpage or any data, you would be expected to stand whole responsible to keep the knowledge (regarding Password and User Id) strictly confidential.
  3. The company has the authority to debilitate your client ID as well as the secret key without earlier notice or clarification.

User Generated Data/Content:

  1. In some specific or all zones of website, Jesper Retail Kart Pvt. Ltd. may allow you to provide user generated content entirely for non-business purposes. You, therefore, accord that you won't submit, showcase, transfer, adjust, distribute, transmit, re-edit, or offer any User Generated Content that:
  2. Has been created by some other user and of which the user holds no right to obtain it unlawfully
  3. In any way commensurate with any attention or advancement of any items or offers
  4. Is terribly unlawful, harassing, defamatory, indecent, sexually implicit, paedophilic, related to libel, obtrusive of another's security, remark of race, gender or ethnically objectionable, demonizing, relating or empowering illegal tax avoidance or betting, or generally illegal in any way whatever
  5. Damages persons under the age of 18 in any capacity
  6. Encroaches any trademark, patent product, copyright or any other protected innovation rights.
  7. Is breaking any law by any means
  8. Deludes any individual/user/person by such User Generated data or conveys any data which is offensive by any means
  9. Mimics someone else
  10. Contains programming infections that contain the capacity to malfunction other computer or resources or asset
  11. Is unlawful or contradicted to the benefits of the mass and policies
  12. Or not affirming to aforesaid laws
  13. Become the subject of kind of legal procedures
  14. Is defamatory
  15. Thus, you hereby concede to Jesper Retail Kart Pvt. Ltd. a worldwide, non-restrictive, royalty free license to utilize, replicate, adjust, distribute, translate and disperse your UGC (completely or partially) in any way through the potential media.
  16. You are allowing Jesper Retail Kart Pvt. Ltd. to file for any licensed innovation or any privilege related thereto anyplace around the world
  17. It claims all authority to alter or eliminate any user generated content posted on the website, regardless of whether briefly or for all time.
  18. Besides any T&C in connection to the user generated content, Jesper Retail Kart Pvt. Ltd. will be under non-commitment to screen the accommodation of any user generated content on the webpage

Website Links Of Third Party(s)

The website holds the gratitude to provide or include another party links and related/thread links in UGC for the convenience of the user. On the other side, permitting/allowing to do so doesn’t suggest endorsing of such website by the company. Neither the website nor the company makes any portrayals with respect to the accessibility and execution of the deals/services/offers or any of the outside pages. The clicking on any promoting banner, support interface, or other outside connection from the webpage may consequently be coordinated to another outsider services that isn't facilitated or propagated by the website and thus we shall not be liable for the substance, T&C, privacy arrangements and services of another party service provider.

Warranties Thereto

  1. The contents hold by the Website contain equal and without guarantees of any sort, regardless of whether implied or suggested. Without limitations or degrees allowed under law, Jesper Retail Kart Pvt. Ltd. disavows any portrayals, conditions and guarantees including, however not constrained to, and suggested guarantees of merchantability, handiness, wellness for a specific reason and non-encroachment. Jesper Retail Kart Pvt. Ltd. doesn’t represent, speak on behalf of the data on the webpage shall be right, precise, sufficient, valuable, auspicious, appropriate or solid or of attractive standard or that any data or webpage shall be continuous or mistake free or data on the webpage is stayed up with the latest consistently. The website is not responsible for any kind of deformities or mistakes in the webpage or the data.
  2. The content published or posted on the webpage may consists data which is possessed by or potentially authorized to Jesper Retail Kart Pvt. Ltd. You may use or utilise the content at your own responsibility and risk and the company will not be legally held out for any of the action.
  3. The sole purpose of this website is to educate the users and isn't planned to consist an offer or deal. Jesper Retail Kart Pvt. Ltd. expects no hazard, obligation or duty regarding any outcome relating straight-forwardly or indirectly impartation of the message(s) of the content(s) on this webpage.

Liability& Their Limitations

  1. Jesper Retail Kart Pvt. Ltd. should not be obligated for any extraordinary or special harms that outcome from the utilization of the data or the webpage, regardless of whether it is thus been educated with respect to the likelihood of such harms.
  2. None of the content in T&C and throughout the space of the website/Jesper Retail Kart Pvt. Ltd. will be held responsible for fraud, loss of life or any kind of damage and that can't be barred or constrained under relevant law.
  3. Jesper Retail Kart Pvt. Ltd.’s liability to the user in alliance to their use of webpage or in bond with these T&Cs, whether in policy or otherwise, limited if followed according to:
  4. At such degree that the webpage or its content is given free of cost, Jesper Retail Kart Pvt. Ltd. won't be subject to any harm in any case at all.
  5. Jesper Retail Kart Pvt. Ltd. won't be at risk for any consequences, loss or vandalisation.

iii. The company/website won't be at risk for such vandalisation or benefit, wage, income, foreseen investment funds, contracts, business, altruism, notoriety, information, or data of any kind.

  1. Mimics/states someone personally someone else
  2. Jesper Retail Kart Pvt. Ltd.’s maximum liability to anyone with any connection will be maximised limited to INR . 10,000 (already fixed amount)


With T&C followed, you hereby conform to indemnify Jesper Retail Kart Pvt. Ltd. and taking the oath to preserve Jesper Retail Kart Pvt. Ltd. compensate from and in opposition to any kind of loss, damages, credits and prices.

Breach of Terms & Conditions Stated Above

Without providing notice of any kind to Jesper Retail Kart Pvt. Ltd., if you break any mentioned terms and conditions in any capacity, Jesper Retail Kart Pvt. Ltd. may deal it as a case of breach and hold the rights to suspend/prohibit your entrance to webpage, block your device’s IP address, hinder your website access by reaching your network access supplier and potentially bring court procedures agin you.

Regarding Contracts & Assignments

  1. Jesper Retail Kart Pvt. Ltd. may exchange, appoint, generally manage its propriety and commitments under the aforementioned terms and conditions without informing you at the earliest or acquiring your prior ascent.
  2. Exchanging, allocating, generally managing your rights as well as commitments under these T&C is prohibited in any capacity at all.


The company, Jesper Retail Kart Pvt. Ltd. holds the sole right to reexamine, adjust, alter or supplement the present/given T&Cs at any period or duration and for any cause. The revised section will be applicable on the complete webpage from time of publishing and shall be levied on every user accessing/dealing the website.


If by any lawful means, the T&C considered unlawful, the mentioned provisions will proceed essentially. In the event of the deletion of any unlawful provision, whatever remains of clauses will be same on effect as a result.


Any provision/agreement/condition will not be waived off by any means.

Laws & Jurisdiction

The T&C of Jesper Retail Kart Pvt. Ltd. will be regulated according to the Indian law and falls under the constitution of India in connection with any lawful activity or procedures to implement these terms and conditions. You may precede your consent to the jurisdiction of the courts in Delhi, India and forgo any protest to such procedures on the basis of the scene or any inconvenience at the venue.

Entire Agreement

The mentioned T&C and Privacy Policy of/on the website state the complete agreement betwixt Jesper Retail Kart Pvt. Ltd. and the user.


Jesper Retail Kart Pvt. Ltd. reserves all the trademarks, benefit imprints, logos and website’s copyrights used or utilised on/by the webpage and using the same or similar logo may levy penalty on the user.

We do not endorse any trademarks, benefit imprints and logos of the third party.


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